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Domesticated pets such as dogs and cats are conquering the Internet. But what about their wild cousins? Climate change, water and environmental pollution, deforestation, cutting through forests with highways, poaching - all these things are making life increasingly difficult for wild animals, and many species are threatened with extinction - or in fact are already extinct. We are witnessing the sixth mass extinction of species, which, by the alarming devastation of wildlife, is accelerating. According to the study, currently 515 species of terrestrial vertebrates are on the verge of extinction. About half of all these species have fewer than 250 individuals left. The African elephant is at the forefront of species extinction - the population has declined by 70 percent since the 1980s. There is a risk that the African elephant will cease to exist by 2040. Owls, Europe's smallest owls, could become extinct through loss of natural habitat. In Poland alone, dozens of animal species are threatened with extinction.

As humans, we are responsible for everything around us - including the lives of wild animals, which are increasingly dependent on us. We also depend on them. Entire ecosystems depend on the species that inhabit them, and any destabilization can have catastrophic consequences for all of us. Every life matters and every life is equally important. That's why we stand up for wildlife - because every life is precious and irreplaceable.

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