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Centaurus Club Membership
Become our Friend!


$ 25 / month

  • Free Centaurus T-shirt - tell the world you are our Friend!

  • Priority mailing/newsletter

  • Discount at our charity store

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Become our Supporter!


$ 100 / month

  • Priority access to our events

  • Exclusive, nowhere else published photos, videos of our animals

  • You will be featured by name on our website and in our videos (optional)

  • Everything included in the Friend package

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Become our Champion!


$ 500 / month

  • Unlimited stay at our volunteers and animal centre in Modlimowo, Poland

  • Monthly board meeting notes

  • You can suggest the direction of the Foundation's operations

  • Everything included in the Friend and Supporter package

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Become our Angel!


$ 1000 / month

  • Monthly online meetings with the board

  • Reports on the Foundation's activities

  • Direct contact with the Foundation's CEO

  • Everything included in the Friend, Supporter and Champion package

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Support our activities for animals!

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Become our Centaurus Club Member and save animals!

Support the Centaurus Foundation and become our Centaurus Club Member today! Your monthly donation will help us provide a safe and loving home to horses and other animals in need. You can choose from 4 Membership tiers we prepared for you, each of them with unique gifts and perks!

Become a hero and help us save innocent lives every day. Our foundation does not receive any funding from the government and due to that it is an outstanding help for us to get support in our animal-saving activities on a regular basis.

By joining us and becoming our unique Club Member, you can help us continue our mission and make a real difference in the lives of animals. Join us today and make your contribution count!

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By becoming an Angel, you have the biggest impact on our activities. Currently under our care we have more than 1500 horses and hundreds of other animals including (dogs, cats, donkeys, pigs, llamas, goats, rams, and many others).  We usually buy back few dozens of animals monthly, which is always a financial challenge. Thanks to you, every month we can buyback one animal and save it from the slaughterhouse. Prices of livestock vary from $7 to $12 per kilogram at our location so your money will be invested directly into saving new lifes.


cinamon champion package

By becoming a Champion, you are directly helping our sick and old horses. Especially those with twisted, crooked hooves. Thanks to you, we can provide professional orthopedic shoeing for 5 horses every month!  That will be a great relief to our horses with movement issues, you will give them the possibility to walk, run, and even gallop again!

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By becoming our Supporter, every month you provide one of our horses in RAO preventing diagnosis and treatments. We have around 40 horses with RAO right now so this would be a significant contributions and life-changing gift for them! Thank you!



By becoming our Friend, you contribute to our big deworming operations every year! With over 1500 horses under our care we have a lot of work to do. Deworming of one horse per year costs around $40 so thanks to your help, we can deworm 15 horses annually!

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