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Painted by horses

There are certainly many people who would agree with the statement that the meaning of contemporary art is not easy to grasp, and reading the motivations that drive artists can often be problematic. Something that is intended to be a variation on all those views of church towers immortalized by medieval painters surprisingly often simply perplexes.

Without a doubt, such a situation is not encountered in the art of our painters. Their intentions are quite clear, and the messages behind all the colorful stains are easy to read. And although the shtick of each of them is absolutely unique, they are guided by one idea, and it is quite pragmatic in nature - they paint solely to earn oats! But not only; also straw, apples, bran or beet pulp. In a word, everything that is essential in a healthy horse diet.


And that's right, I probably haven't mentioned yet that the painters in question here are the charges of the Centaurus Foundation - horses and donkeys, residents of our farm in Szczedrzykowice - Europe's largest asylum for horses and other animals that we rescued from a tragic fate.

Of the nearly four hundred hoofed charges of the Foundation, many manifest talent and a passion for painting. One might even be tempted to say that they even show a hunger for art, and this is because they create their works of art using carrots.

For painting, non-toxic and completely safe for horses poster paints are used, which the animals spread over the surface of the painting with the help of pieces of carrot. The canvas is left with colorful blobs of snarls, tongues and whiskers. Although our subjects use the same tools, each artist's style is quite different.

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