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eat EKO!

Dietary choices have a huge impact on our health, but also on the planet. Huge monocultures, chemical sprays, preservatives, antibiotics, long-distance shipments - all of these affect the environment, as well as our bodies. That's why it's so important to know what lands on our plates. With a conscious, responsible diet, we help not only ourselves, but also our mother Earth, which, after all, we only have one! That's why we promote local, organic farming, reducing the plastic that food is packaged in, and above all - a plant-based diet!

Animal husbandry is a major contributor to climate change, and of course, the suffering of millions of farmed animals cannot be forgotten either. While giving up zoonotic products is a great step towards health and protecting the world, it is often not enough - it is worth taking an interest in where the vegetables and fruits from which we prepare our dishes come. Have they been sprayed with chemicals? Does a particular crop not support environmental degradation? Isn't there something in a particular composition that should concern us? That's why we want to show you where to find the best products, as well as how to read the ingredients. Veganism doesn't have to be boring and monotonous - it can be tasty, colorful, fun and, most importantly, strengthen your body! By choosing plant-based, organic products and reading the compositions carefully, we help both ourselves and the planet.

Slow Life

The 21st century is a life of constant running. We have become slaves to time with calendars in hand, trying to fit all activities into one day and regretting that a day does not have thirty hours. Constant stress, slipping time, constant tension significantly reduce the quality of our lives and contribute to many so-called "civilization" diseases. However, we believe that it is possible to slow down in this daily rush! And we believe that it is definitely worth it. Stopping for a moment, taking a breath, focusing on the here and now helps to actually discover ourselves.

Taking a moment to meditate, preparing a good meal from scratch and then discovering its taste, texture, taking a walk in the woods while listening to the sound of the wind, the singing of the birds, the touch of the trees - all these things make us start to really be. We perceive the world around us, see all its charms and problems - and thanks to this we can look for solutions.

Discover how wonderful it is to be with yourself and focus on the moment. Allow yourself a break from the daily race. Turn off your phone, your computer. Look for the stars in the sky, read a book. Do what you feel like doing and enjoy it with every sense. Set goals for yourself, the really important ones. Take care of contact with your loved ones. You will see that the quality of your life has undoubtedly increased. And perhaps you will notice things that will turn out to be very important to you, which you did not have time to pay attention to until now? Slow changes life!

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