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Without nature there is no life - in the pursuit of convenience we very often unfortunately forget this. More green areas must give way to new highways, housing estates, shopping malls and other achievements of civilization. The ubiquitous "concretization" is depriving us and wildlife of unique and inimitable areas. Right now, like never before, we need to do everything to protect wildlife. We find this out especially in summer, when we seek refreshment and relief among the greenery of parks and forests during hot days. Green is life - and we need as much of it as possible in our daily lives. That's why we promote the idea of "green cities" with shade-giving trees and flowery meadows, and stand up for Polish national and landscape parks that are so valuable for us, for animals, and for climate protection. We are committed to ensuring that as much of our natural heritage as possible remains untouched by civilization. We want future generations also to be able to see with their own eyes the power of the Tatra Mountains, the magic of the Bieszczady Mountains, the peace and quiet of the Bialowieza Forest. Without us, these places will not survive - and they are one of a kind. They are the most precious treasures that mankind has. Join us and together with us protect our forests, parks, mountains, wetlands, rivers and lakes. Living in harmony with nature is possible!


We are standing on the brink of a Climate Catastrophe - already in some parts of the world we are facing hydrological drought, shortages in water supply, unprecedented heat or violent, dangerous weather events. This is happening as a result of human activity. Carbon dioxide, the concentration of which has increased significantly in the last hundred years due to the burning of fossil fuels, is primarily responsible for strengthening the greenhouse effect. Between 1751 and 2005, 321 billion tons of carbon were emitted in this way, half of which was created after 1975. To make matters worse, the released carbon dioxide cannot accumulate in soil and biomass, as green spaces are successively destroyed by humans. The second gas contributing to global warming is methane - and this is mass-produced through cattle ranching, rice farming, landfills and fires. And although greenhouse gases are also produced by natural processes in nature, there is no denying that we have undoubtedly contributed to rapid climate change.

We, too, can do our part to prevent climate catastrophe. Poste, everyday reflexes are enough to do our part to save the world - save water, not only by turning off the tap, but also by limiting purchases of new things, save electricity by using energy-saving light bulbs, turning off appliances you don't use, taking chargers out of the contact when not charging devices. Save paper by printing double-sided, choosing recycled paper, storing documents electronically rather than on paper. Protect the planet by properly separating trash and reducing its production.

We can all protect the climate. It only takes so little to do something good!

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