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Have you heard yet that big is beautiful? Thousands of horses are bred for slaughter, and they are heavy horses, called potatoes or fat horses in our country. In Centaurus we have several hundred of them, rescued thanks to you. We want to dispel the fame that such horses are typically slaughter horses. Cold-blooded horses are wonderful family horses with ideal temperaments, they can be kept in free-range breeding and do not require in. They are usually calm, not very tall, ideal as family horses, for forest walks in the saddle or for trips with a horse "in hand."

To adopt a cold-blooded horse, you don't have to be a seasoned rider. They are wonderfully cooperative horses with great character. Communing with them is pure pleasure!

We dedicate this campaign to all those who dreamed of having their own horse, but thought it was an activity for the advanced. But we dedicate it primarily to the tens of thousands of cold-blooded horses that are slaughtered in slaughterhouses every day. This campaign aims to change their image, destiny and give them a chance for a great new home.


There are more than one billion vegatarians in the world. Moving away from zoonotic products is not just a manifestation of a fad, but a new trend towards health and a manifestation of care for our Planet and its future. More and more people, every day, are giving up eating meat and actively joining various movements to promote plant-based cuisine. The vege food sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world.

Industrial animal farming is not only full of cruelty, but contributes significantly to environmental pollution, massive water consumption and pesticide use. Among other reasons, the current generation, aware of these facts, is increasingly choosing veganism and vegetarianism as their lifestyle. Because being vege is not just about the area of food, but about a holistic approach to the world and man's place in it.

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