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Virtual Adoptions

Have you always wanted to have your own horse, but never had the opportunity?

Under the wings of the Centaurus Foundation there are almost 1,500 horses that for various reasons can not be adopted realistically.

Usually the reason is age, illness or past traumas. It is for such residents of the manor that the virtual adoption program was created.

Virtual Adoptions
How to adopt a horse?
Choose a horse together with us! Write to us and we will write you which horses are urgently looking for virtual adoption!
By e-mail we will determine which horse is under your care from now on - this way we will also establish all other details.
You will receive a Virtual Caretaker's Certificate after your first payment, followed by regular photos of your chosen horse.
Become a virtual caretaker!

You do not have the opportunity to take your horse to yourself, but you have always dreamed of being the caretaker of a beautiful hoofed friend.

In addition to the fact that together with us you will spread care of your Puppy every day we will also make sure that you become a part of his life. As a Virtual Caretaker, you will regularly receive photos and interesting facts about your chosen one, you can visit him, give him a new name or dress him in a chosen derrick and halter, and with a full adoption you can hang a plaque on the box with your photo or company advertisement.

Give the gift of regular support!

The monthly maintenance of a horse is an amount ranging from $100 to $500 in the case of a horse that has more specialized nutritional or medication or supplement needs due to its health condition. Over the course of a horse's 20-year life, such an amount comes to about $50,000. Nevertheless, the same amount will be spent on a healthy, usable horse in a boarding facility. The only difference is that the former will repay us only with gratitude, not riding together.

If you have already chosen a pet, you can give it comprehensive or partial care. The minimum amount for a virtual adoption is $10.

Contact us

If you've already decided on Virtual Adoption, now it's time to choose a horse (or donkey) to be your friend. If you can't make a decision yourself, we'll be happy to provide advice or additional information about horses that spark your interest.

Contact us on:

Visit your pet or take him for a real adoption!

You can visit your adopted pet with us. There is also the possibility of combining real and virtual adoption - you can adopt and take to you a horse, which can not be typically used, nevertheless can be a great teacher and friend during common walks, combing or daily care.

Some horses whose condition is stable are suitable for this unusual form of adoption - if you are interested, please contact us.

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