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Virtual Adoptions

Have you always wanted to have your own horse, but never had the opportunity?

Under the wings of the Centaurus Foundation there are almost 1,500 horses that for various reasons can not be adopted realistically.

Usually the reason is age, illness or past traumas. It is for such residents of the manor that the virtual adoption program was created.

Virtual Adoptions
How to adopt a horse virtually?
Choose a horse together with us! Click on one of the buttons below and see which rescue horses are urgently looking for virtual adoption!
Choose pupils that you want to support
Get a Virtual Caretaker's Certificate after your first payment, followed by regular photos of your chosen horse.
Become a virtual caretaker!

Are you someone who has always had a deep love for horses but never had the opportunity to care for one? Well, with us, your dream can finally become a reality! Our Virtual Caretaker program allows you to become the dedicated caretaker of a beautiful and majestic horse, without the need for physical ownership.

As a Virtual Caretaker, you'll have the joy of being involved in your horse's life every day. You'll receive regular updates on your horse's well-being, including photos and fascinating facts about their personality and habits. You'll even have the chance to visit your horse and give them a name that suits their unique personality, as well as the option to dress them up in the finest tack and equipment.

 This is a truly special and unique way to connect with a horse and show your dedication to their care and well-being.

See horses seeking virtual adoptions!

Give regular support!

The cost of monthly maintenance for a horse ranges from $100 to $500, depending on their specialized needs. This amounts to approximately $50,000 over their 20-year life (not to mention our veteran horses aged 27 or more years). However, this is a similar cost to maintaining a healthy horse. The difference is that a horse you care for will repay you with gratitude, rather than the ability to ride together.

Please click on the link below and choose a horse to support, you can provide comprehensive or partial care through our Virtual Equine Adoption program. The minimum amount for virtual adoption is just $10.

See horses seeking virtual adoptions!

Contact us

If you can't make a decision yourself, we'll be happy to provide advice or additional information about horses that spark your interest.

Contact us on:

Or click on the button below and choose your horse:

See horses seeking virtual adoptions!

Visit your pet or take him for a real adoption!

You can visit your adopted pet! There is also the possibility of combining real and virtual adoption - you can adopt and take a horse to your place. Remember you cannot use him or her in the typical way although they surely will be faithul friends during walks, combing or daily care.

Some horses whose condition is stable are suitable for this unusual form of adoption - if you are interested, please contact us at

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