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Real adoptions

Are you interested in real adoption of a horse or donkey?
You probably have a huge heart for animals and would like to choose a Friend for the rest of your life.

You have come to the perfect place!

Real adoptions
Real adoptions
Write to us and let us know if you would like to adopt one of the rescued animals. You can adopt a horse, donkey, dog or cat. Together we will choose the pet that suits you best!
Make an appointment with us for an on line adoption interview. We want to match the pet with the guardian 100%!
Once we work out the details together, you'll be able to sign the adoption contract!
Worth to know
Before you adopt a horse or donkey..

Adoption is free of charge. We place horses for adoption globally, meaning they can go to wonderful homes around the world, to countries on all continents. However, we need to establish the conditions for transporting the horse to your country / continent and to know the necessary tests that may be individually required in each country.


It is on the adopter's side to transport, veterinary and canine care. Keep this in mind when adopting a horse or donkey - transportation can be expensive, but believe us it's worth it!


The horse may not be disposed of in any way, used for profit, used by outsiders (including free of charge) or used for reproduction.


A contract is signed between the foundation and the adopting family to secure both parties, and most importantly the rights of the horse, donkey or other animal itself, which is the priority here.


A box (in the case of a horse or donkey) or an adapted shed, safe paddocks, the company of another horse (or donkey) and loving caretakers are required.


You must be of legal age to discuss adopting a horse (if you are not, please have your guardians contact us).

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