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Centaurus has been actively working on behalf of animals since 2006. As an international organization, we operate in many countries around the world. In our organization we bring together people of many cultures and nationalities, who work together for the good of animals and our Planet. Centaurus runs the largest complex of asylums for horses on the old continent, and perhaps in the world. For more than 16 years we have rescued nearly 2,500 horses and donkeys, we have been supported by nearly 800,000 Donors, and today more than 500 rescued horses are in wonderful adoptive homes in many countries around the world.

Thousands of animals have come under our wings since 2006. In addition to horses, we have donated care to thousands of dogs, thousands of cats and hundreds of farm and wild animals. From Ukraine alone, 1,300 dogs and cats came to us during the war, and we have supported several thousand Ukrainian animals, and we continue this mission today.

We set up several centers, and including the animal reserve, we have as much as 700 hectares, which are home to Brothers smaller and bigger!

The horses we rescue come here, to Poland, from many European countries. Poland leads the infamous lead in the trade of horses for slaughter, their export and slaughter. For the most part, due to huge deficiencies in Polish law and little favor towards animals, the horses have to be bought up by us and other Polish organizations at slaughter price. Most of them spend the rest of their lives in our rehabilitation centers, only some of them have a chance for new adoptive homes. For the most part, these are older, ailing and severely depleted horses. They cannot be used other than as companion horses. But such adoptions are unfortunately very few.

Animals that come under the wings of Centaurus stay with us until the end of their days. We do not sell or lease rescued animals. The only option is adoption, where ownership invariably stays with the Centaurus Foundation to ensure the animal's lifetime security. Adoptions, on the other hand, do not use horses either for reproduction or for profit. Despite the many rigors, we now work with 500 families around the world who provide wonderful homes for our horses to the end of their days. Hundreds of dogs and cats have also found homes on multiple continents. We collaborate with many organizations around the world and work together in the field of animal adoption and legislative changes in their favor.

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